What is a Learning Coach?

Every student who is enrolled, either full-time or part-time, in iOKCPS must identify a Learning Coach that will serve as the adult who is responsible for facilitating virtual learning.  The Learning Coach has an important job as they are the "teacher" at home while the iOKCPS student is working through daily lessons.  The Learning Coach provides guidance to the student, motivates the student, and helps students develop time management and organizational skills.  Additionally, the Learning Coach has several important duties:

  • The Learning Coach facilitates student progress through the assigned courses.
  • The Learning Coach ensures students are completing lessons daily and helps students catch up on missing assignments.
  • The Learning Coach keeps a record of student participation of learning outside of the learning management system.
  • The Learning Coach reviews lessons prior to submission to the teacher.
  • The Learning Coach supervises student use of the internet.
  • The Learning Coach communicates regularly with each course teacher, the homeroom teacher, and the Innovative Programs Coordinator.
  • The Learning Coach provides feedback to teachers regarding concepts or assignments with which students need additional assistance.
  • The Learning Coach checks his/her To Do list in the learning management system daily to ensure all tasks required of the student and Learning Coach are complete.
Getting Started
Parents, Guardians, and Learning Coaches should review the resources provided here for ideas on how to start a year of virtual learning off right.
How Can I Help My Student?

The Learning Coach can provide additional assistance to the student in many ways.  Learning Coaches should review the list provided and implement the strategies that best meet the needs of the student:

  • Log-on to FUEL daily to monitor your student's progress checking for missing assignments and grades.
  • Set a daily schedule for the student and monitor the schedule.
  • Contact teachers by email or phone as often as needed.
  • Attend Live Lessons or Live Tutor with the student.
  • Create a reward system for hard work, passing grades, and/or good attendance.
  • Be enthusiastic about school and the student's lessons.
  • Provide opportunities for learning outside the home or extension activities for important concepts.
  • Practice key words and terms flashcards with students.

Learning coaches are also encouraged to contact course teachers for more ideas on how to support and encourage learning at home.