High School Online Courses

th - 12th Grade

Core Courses Available      

Language Arts:
English 9 A *
English 9 B *
English 10 A *
English 10 B *
English 11 A *
English 11 B *
English 12 A *
English 12 B *
Journalism A
Journalism B
Speech and Debate
Advanced Algebra with
   Financial Applications A
Advanced Algebra with
   Financial Applications B
Algebra 1 A *
Algebra 1 B *
Algebra 2 A *
Algebra 2 B *
Calculus A
Calculus B
Consumer Math A
Consumer Math B
Geometry A *
Geometry B *
Precalculus A *
Precalculus B *
Statistics A
Statistics B
Biology A *
Biology B *
Chemistry A *
Chemistry B *
Earth Science A *
Earth Science B *
Earth Space Science A *
Earth Space Science B *
Environmental Science A
Environmental Science B
Marine Science A *
Marine Science B *
Physical Science A *
Physical Science B *
Physics A
Physics B
Social Studies:
American Government A *
American Government B *
Geography and Society
Personal Finance



Psychology A                         
Psychology B
United States History A *
United States History B *
World Geography
World History A *
World History B *
Business Management:
Introduction to  
   Entrepreneurship I
Introduction to
   Entrepreneurship II
Introduction to Marketing
Sports Management
Career Exploration
HS Critical Thinking and
   Study Skills
AP Courses:
AP Art History A
AP Art History B
AP Biology A
AP Biology B
AP Calculus AB A
AP Calculus AB B
AP Calculus BC A
AP Calculus BC B
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science B
AP English Language
   & Composition A
AP English Language
   & Composition B
AP English Literature
   & Composition A
AP English Literature
   & Composition B
AP Environmental
   Science A
AP Environmental
   Science B
AP Human Geography A
AP Human Geography B
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language A
AP Spanish Language B
AP Statistics A
AP Statistics B
AP United States
   and Politics
AP United States
   History A
AP United States
   History B



Elective Courses Available

Health and PE:
Health, Fitness, and 
   Nutrition A
Health, Fitness, and 
   Nutrition B
Personal Fitness
Physical Education
Art History A
Art History B
Chinese I A **
Chinese I B **
Chinese II A **
Chinese II B **
Chinese III A **
Chinese III B **
Digital Photography
French I A **
French I B **
French II A **
French II B **
French III A **
French III B **
French IV A **
French IV B **
German I A **
German I B **
German II A **
German II B **
German III A **
German III B **
Japanese I A **
Japanese I B **
Japanese II A **
Japanese II B **
Living Music I ǂ
Living Music II ǂ
Latin I A **
Latin I B **
Latin II A **
Latin II B **
Latin III A **
Latin III B **
Sign Language I A
Sign Language I B
Sign Language II A
Sign Language II B
Spanish I A **
Spanish I B **
Spanish II A **
Spanish II B **
Spanish III A **
Spanish III B **
Spanish IV A **
Spanish IV B **
Business Keyboarding
Digital Arts I


Emergent Computer Technology
Engineering Design I
Game Design
Information Technology:
   Preparing for the IC3 A
Information Technology:
   Preparing for the IC3 B
Introduction to
   Computer Applications
Learning Microsoft Office 
    2010 A
Learning Microsoft Office 
    2010 B
Web Design I A
Web Design I B
3D Art I – Modeling


*Also offered as an Honors 

 Designates course also offers
a Foundations Level.

ǂ Designates course is new, 
  revised, or expanded.
**Please note: The World
    Languages courses require 
    headset and microphone
    which is compatible with
    the computer being used for  
    the course.  This equipment 
    is  not provided by  
    Connections Learning.
Course list subject to change.