iOKCPS Innovations k-12 Virtual Institute uses the award winning online platform provided by Fuel Education that features a comprehensive curriculum with courses to meet the individual needs of all our learners. 



With Fuel Education's comprehensive portfolio, you can access more than 500 unique courses and titles, including more than 100,000 hours of instructional content and one million visual, audio, and interactive instructional elements. Specially designed for full-time and blended programs, the FUEL curriculum:

  1. Covers multiple academic levels for high school, including Core, Comprehensive, Honors, and AP®, plus Remediation, and Credit Recovery for students who need extra help.

  2. Features world languages and a large selection of career-building electives.

  3. Maps the Scope and Sequence for every course to appropriate state and national standards.

  4. Uses engaging interactive content to illustrate and explain the toughest concepts in ways no static page—print or web—could ever match.

  5. Includes teacher-led guidance and activities, whether online or onsite, that round out the full experience.

  6. Ensures student mastery of material through formative and periodic summative online assessments.